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Azizi Riviera Apartments at Meydan One

One of the most famous developers in Dubai “Azizi Developers” comes with its new beautiful apartments Azizi Riviera positioned at Meydan One, offering Studio, 1 & 2 Bedroom Apartments. It is located within a multiphase development consist of 18 mid-rise residential buildings comprising of 2,273 units, a super incorporated retail district, waterfront views and thriving greenery.

It is position within a multiphase enlargement of 71 buildings spread crossways four phases comprising 13 regions, a mega incorporated retail district, vibrant four and five-star hotel and lush greenery.

This project is all about community living, evoking the standard Mediterranean Riviera lifestyle with a modern, up to date outlook. Long walks on paved paths, gorgeous sunsets and just a short distance from water transportation, yachting services and a proposed marina, you will always feel safe and warm.

This is a place to embrace the good life and profited, as the French say. Built to emulate the apartment, conveys the best of French Mediterranean fashionable living to Dubai to create a lasting sense of community. The open places and public areas offer several conveniences, while the clean line, modern glass and wood facades add a touch of exclusively Dubai glitz and glamour.

It is ruled with vibrant and bustling retail, food and beverage outlets, making it the wonderful place to catch up with friends, family and neighbors. Just a short walk to the canal, with ample associations to public transport and water transportation, this is the ideal position to enjoy being a part of the Riviera community. Family behavior, outdoor dining, cafes and bistros.

Key Features:-

  • Swimming Pool
  • Swimming Pool – Water Feature
  • Kids Swimming Pool
  • BBQ Seating Area
  • Bocce Area
  • Zen Garden
  • Yoga Zone
  • Pets Agility Area
  • Lounge with Movie Night
  • Outdoor Chess Play Area

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